What Matters More: Party or Principle?

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson

Over this past week, as presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has been pivoting over into “general election mode”, we have seen leaders (or more like former leaders) of the conservative and liberty movements within the Republican Party fall in line behind their new champion. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who once called Mr. Trump a “cancer to conservatism”, has now offered his full support in helping that same disease become the President of the United States. Even Libertarian-leaning Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has come out and endorsed this same authoritarian. Other recent supporters include: Senators Mitch McConnell and Jeff Sessions, as well as Governors Chris Christie, Rick Scott, Paul LePage, and Phil Bryant. These are just a few from a list that grows bigger with each day.

There are a small number of people within the party that are holding out on Trump (at least for now). House Speaker Paul Ryan, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham are included in this group. Although this speaks well of these Republicans and their personal character, too much of the party has fallen in line for the GOP as a whole to hold on to its integrity.

Much of this comes back to a promise many candidates made early on in the race to support the eventual GOP nominee, no matter who that person was. This, in essence, was a promise to put the Republican Party’s agenda ahead of their own moral and ethical principles as well as ahead of any misgivings they may have about that candidate. It was a promise that never should have been made. Giving up one’s principle in return for political power is a very clear statement of where your priorities stand.

As Americans, we want men and women of deeply rooted principle in our government fighting for what they believe in, instead of corrupt politicians who will say or do anything to achieve another foothold of power. We want men and women who will endlessly fight for our life, our liberties, and our freedom, not people like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton who will use every day in office to make themselves more powerful.

Principle should always come before party. Neither of the presumptive nominees for the Republican or the Democratic parties holds this to be true. Don’t sacrifice your own principles for a political party this November. Give your vote to a candidate who stands on truth, principle, and liberty.

Fight for Life. Fight for Liberty. Fight for Freedom.


An Apology and a Call to Liberty

“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.” – Benjamin Franklin

It has only been a handful of hours since I uploaded my first post to this blog, but after some reflection, some time to cool down, and some perfectly-worded comments from a friend, I realized I needed to clear some things up.

After last night’s disappointing showing in the state of Indiana, followed by Ted Cruz suspending his presidential campaign, I was angry. This anger was towards Donald Trump and the divisive way he has run his campaign and somehow succeeded in winning the GOP nomination using these tactics. I now realize that my initial post this morning was the same kind of divisiveness that Donald’s campaign has based itself on over the past few months. I stereotyped many Trump supporters and, in anger, said some things I should not have said. There is no excuse for this, and I am sorry to anyone I may have offended.

Despite this, I still believe in my initial purpose for this blog: to help unite American voters around, and point them towards a candidate who advocates for life, liberty, and freedom. Donald Trump has proven over the past weeks and months that he is not this candidate. The attitude and lack of character exemplified by Mr. Trump are not traits that America wants occupying the office of the president.

For everyone reading this (disenfranchised voters, Trump supporters, and Clinton suporters), I urge you to think very carefully about who you cast your vote for this November. Consider their personal character, conduct, their honesty (or lack of it). But most importantly, consider the importance they place on Liberty, the reason the United States was founded and has continued to thrive throughout its lifetime.

Austin Petersen is leading the fight that is the Liberty Movement. His goal: “Taking over the government to leave everybody alone.” Petersen’s passion for the rights to life and personal liberties is based in the founding principles of the United States. I firmly believe he is the best choice for President and I encourage you to consider taking a look at him. Austinpetersen2016.com @AP4LP

Fight for Life. Fight for Liberty. Fight for Freedom.

The Remaining Glimmer of Hope for Conservatives

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

Last night, Ted Cruz ended his presidential bid for the Republican Nomination, marking the end of any principled and character-filled candidate having a shot at the nomination for either major parties. Through this primary term, the GOP electorate has proven they do not align with conservative values nor do they continue to promote the cause of liberty and small government they once fought courageously for. Instead, they have chosen to go down a path of racism, hatred, and big government. While Republican voters continue to follow “The Donald” into the general election, this is where I take my leave from a party that once represented decent American people.

While this coalition of racists and bigots follow a hate-filled and divisive excuse for a man into an abyss of destruction, I will be throwing my support behind Austin Petersen, candidate for the 2016 Libertarian Nomination. Austin is now the only candidate in the race who is a principled conservative, an advocate of liberty, and a fellow pro-lifer. If you still have hope for the future of our country, if you still believe in supporting the cause of liberty, or if you haven’t yet resigned yourself to the idea of President Hillary Clinton: consider giving your vote to Austin Petersen.

You can find out more about Austin on his website: austinpetersen2016.com or his twitter: @AP4LP

Fight for Life. Fight for Liberty. Fight for Freedom.